Harbour Meadows

Kelbuild Ltd.
Scheme Design
Mullingar, Co.Westmeath
95 Units
Planning Granted

This new housing development is located in Mullingar north of the centre of Mullingar. The housing development consists of ca. 95 no. residential units ranging in height from 2 no. to 3 no. storeys, comprising apartment building, duplex units and semi-detached houses, child care facility and open space areas.

The development is bordered by the greenway to the Northeast and offers local residents a great amenity space. The greenway has a Canal walk that connects the new housing to Martin’s Lane via a footbridge.

The newly planned road frontage and streetscape plays an important role in the public realm strategy with proportionally high buildings on both sides and wide cycle- and footpath along the road. The central open space creates a focal point in the public realm sustaining a distinctive sense of place with different character areas. Home zones give different public realm experiences with more pedestrian-friendly spaces and direct connections to the green open spaces.