Avourwen Housing

Drogheda, Co Louth
Planning - 2021
Full Architectural Services (RIAI Work Stages 1-8)

ALTU Architects have been appointed to provide full architectural services in relation to various phases of an overall new residential quarter in Drogheda.

A variety of different residential typologies are proposed including both core and deck access apartment blocks, duplex units and 2- and 3-bedroom terrace and semi-detached units. Two stand-alone creche buildings are also proposed. The proposed development represents the final phases of a previously approved masterplan and as such completes a key part of the overall development, stitching the previous phases of the Avourwen development into the town of Drogheda and completing the established road and pedestrian networks.

The new passive and active landscaped areas will benefit both existing and new residents. The existing areas around the proposed development are predominantly residential and care has been taken to ensure that any opportunity for increased permeability to these existing neighbourhoods is maximised. The development is residential in nature and the public open space provided is configured to provide a variety of passive and active recreational spaces.

The landscape design provides an abundance of high-quality space which is intended for the enjoyment of the future residents be they young or old. The provision for pockets of nature and attractive and durable hard surface seating and play areas will encourage and promote social interactions, engagement with the external environment and full use of the external spaces. The spaces provided are flexible in their use, rain gardens provide for a private escape space but also acts as an informal play feat and seating area. Soft landscape proposals will incorporate a diverse range of planting of herbaceous, plants, shrubs, ornamental grasses and evergreen and deciduous native and naturalised tree species. This aims to promote the widest degree of biodiversity value and visual amenity all year around.