Sam Roberts-Law

Sustainability and ESG lead


Sam is an Architectural Technologist and Certified Passive House Designer with over 8 years of professional experience as a designer and 3 years as a labourer then carpenter on construction sites. This translates to him having the ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. His distinctive combination of skills and expertise, encompassing energy modeling, thermal bridge modeling, and technical detailing, plays a crucial role in facilitating the transition to low-carbon housing whilst keeping it affordable. It also ensures the highest quality standards and effectively minimises the performance gap in the construction industry.

Sam has been lead Passive House designer on over 40 projects from concept to certification, plus conducting post-occupancy research. Driven by a longstanding commitment to sustainability, he has made notable contributions to leading companies in the sustainable construction sector. His professional evolution lead him to becoming a Passivhaus designer offering valuable consultation across diverse sectors, including two office HQ’s in Dublin’s financial district, social housing & community centres. In recent times, he collaborated with Cairn Homes, guiding them through the transition to the Passivhaus standard to fulfill their carbon reduction objectives. The initial project involved a 607-unit apartment scheme on the outskirts of Dublin. Sam’s expertise has evolved to provide essential solutions, supporting companies in attaining their ESG and EU Taxonomy targets.